UKDBA’s mission is “for Dodgeball to be recognised nationally as the sport for all”, with this in mind on May 14th 2017 we volunteered to capture their East Anglian Open in 360° video. The purpose of the project was to capture the event in an engaging and innovative way that could be used to drive interest and awareness of the sport on social media, whilst providing Everview the opportunity to develop skills in the process.

This was the first fast-paced sporting event that we had been tasked to film; shooting footage over the course of the day , we edited together highlight reels for two of the teams.

The editing process was almost as intense as the days action as it involved multiple motion graphics elements being animated to track and follow player movements throughout the scene.

Client: UKDBA East Anglian Dodgeball Open

Task: 360 Video Production

Creative direction: M. Hasler